We walked along the woodland path
my grandchild and I
noting nature things,
pointing out early primroses, aconites, wild violets.

We crossed the stream, and headed up the hill,
“Look a rabbit”, my grandchild said.
Together we saw one magpie, then two.
We shared a chocolate bar, drank from the stream
cupping our hands.

Kneeling in the rich earth I said,
“we are part of this
you and I, dear granddaughter,
part of this earth is us”.

She nodded.

“Do you know Grandpa, Granny?” she said.
“He said nature is part of us, or ought to be”.
She chattered on and
God forgive me, I didn’t hear.

Do I know Grandpa?   Yes.  A bit.
We lived together for twenty years,
I do know of his love for wild things,
for nature, and of his quick eye,
and how he loved me once
and how I loved him.

Yes, dear granddaughter,
I do know Grandpa.

-Patricia Huth Ellis
Poems from Grace Cottage

Chawton Revisited

Do you remember Chawton, Jill,
forty years ago,
discussing Emma, Miss Bates, Fanny?
Do you remember laughing
at disagreements over  favoured ones,
our mutual dislike of aunt Norris
and her devious ways?

Do you remember the sitting-room, Jill,
with the round writing table
small, mirror-polished,
set in a garden-view window,
or  remember admiring her
slender satin slippers tied with a ribbon,
and delicate lace collars
embroidered by hand?

Do you remember, Jill, the walk
to the church in the afternoon cool? 
We sat on a bench in the late summer sun,
and mused on her death,
wondering why did she die
so young.

Do you remember Chawton, Jill?

Alone, alive, having tea in the tea room,
I feel you here with me still.

-Patricia Huth Ellis
Poems from Grace Cottage


Unknown said...

These poems touched my heart. Lots of love.

acotswoldpoet.blogspot.co.uk said...

Thank you Emma Lucy - love to you too

Deepika said...

Nice poem these are written

Livi Gaselee said...

I’m a friend of Emma’s, she told me about you poems about her and they are so lovely just like your granddaughter! Xx