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A letter in The Oxford Times:

Moved to tears

'Sir — I would like to bring to your attention a wonderful poetry book that I have recently read. It is called Poems from Grace Cottage, and is written by a local poet called Patricia Huth Ellis (Charlbury). This is the first poetry book that I have read since leaving school 30 years ago.

It was lent to me by a friend who also loved it and was desperate for me to read it too.

My initial reaction was "Oh no not poetry!", but it's a small book, and I thought I would give it a go. It's absolutely brilliant! I have it by my bedside, and read and re-read it most nights.

The poems are very readable, and cover a broad variety of subjects. I found I could relate to many of them and was moved to tears by one of them. I am so excited to be reading poetry after all these years, that I wanted to share my experience with others.'

-Katie Townsend

Elizabeth Howard

'Really, really special'.

Andrew Lawson, photographer

'Delightful book. It is a pure pleasure'.

Di Alexander, Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

Poems from Grace Cottage, by Patricia Huth Ellis, is a thoughtful volume of poetry from someone who feels deeply about life, love and the knocks that make people the way they are.

The poems range widely, from the miracle of a tiny swallow hatching in Suffolk and returning year after year to its birthplace, to the despair of a redundant shipyard worker from Middlesbrough. There are poems about the countryside, about love or the lack of it, about the need of human beings for one another, about cruelty and thoughtlessness.

Patricia Huth Ellis puts a lot of herself into her poems. She describes being the odd one out at school, the trauma of leaving a much-loved house, and the pain of admitting to her granddaughter that, yes, she did know Grandpa, she had lived with him for 20 years.

Less painful subjects, like trying to get to sleep and love of England, are treated with the same thoughtfulness, and terrible events like the Aberfan disaster are made even more poignant by her handling of them.

The best thing about this poetry is that the reader can so easily identify with it. It's not always easy to think, "That's just how I feel," but you can't help it when reading Patricia's heartfelt pieces.

This is a book which you might buy as a gift, have a sneaky peep at it and then keep it for yourself.

Mary Sheepshanks, Novelist and Poet

'They are moving, thought-provoking, occasionally off-beat, accessible, witty, hit-the-emotional-nail-on-the-head, observant and entertaining. And they are poetry. I love them.'

Vera Stone

'The poems are like delicate water-colours. I know your poetical images will stay with me and will read your lines again and again.'

Pat Devlin, Warrington   

These poems should have a wide appeal as they are about everyday occurences & feelings, & most of us can identify with the emotions expressed. They couple simplicity of style with profundity of meaning; one of the shortest, "Love Unlocked", offers one of nicest meanings of love I have ever read.