Sunday, 6 September 2015

Love Unlocked

Dear Reader,

I started writing this blog ten weeks ago on the advice of one of my granddaughters, Emma, who thought people reading it might enjoy the poems.   As I said in my introduction to this blog I  do know that lots of people would rather scrub the dishes than read a poem, but there are a few out there who do enjoy the odd one.  So I have tried to interest those few people who have looked and enjoyed them.  BUT and this is a big BUT I have had no comments from anyone about the work. Either good or bad or even indifferent. And this makes a difference as to whether I continue.  Writing a comment is NOT difficult.  Press on "comment", tick "anonymous", write your thoughts and press publish.  That's it.  Please do this as it is very important to me and I would be most grateful if you did.

There isn't much story to write about the short poem I wrote on the subject of love.  Goodness me
enough has been written on this subject by Shakespeare, to The Beatles, and thousands more.  So to think of something original was not going to happen, but I did my best and here it is.

Love Unlocked

What can I say about love
that has not been said?

I have little to add except
my sweetheart proffered
a unique key
to the door of possibilities,
through loving me.


A musing this week,

There has been so much sorrow, suffering and grief to engulf us this week that  I thought I would share with you Francis Kilvert's diary entry for September 6th, 1875, to try to make us feel happier for a minute or two.

'The morning suddenly became glorious and we saw what had happened in the night.  All night long millions of gossamer spiders had been spinning and the whole country was covered.....The gossamer webs gleamed and twinkled into crimson and gold and green like the most exquisite shot-silk dress in the finest texture of gauzy silver wire.  I never saw anything like it or anything so exquisite.........'

Very best wishes, Patricia


Matthew said...

I loved your poem about love Patricia!

Anonymous said...

So did I, dear Cotswold poet - keep the possibilities coming! Ours

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and poems and found some very touching. Please continue. Best wishes Jessica

Eugenie said...

Hello! I love the poem, but I also really love the quote about the spiders. And just the word gossamer. Much love to you... Eugenie xooxox