Sunday, 18 October 2015

Safe Harbour

Dear Reader,

Thought for the week.

The newspapers have been full of the horrors of the world, everywhere some sort of sorrow. Even the Bewick swan flying here from the Siberia wastes portend a long hard winter ahead.  So I decided to quote from Francis Kilvert's diary for 18th October, in the year 1878, for a bit of cheer.  "Five of us drove in the waggonette to Oxwich Bay ...We had a merry luncheon on the bank near the churchyard gate, and great fun and famous laughing.  An east wind was blowing fresh and strong, the sea was rolling in grey and yeasty, and in a splendid sunburst the white seagulls were running and feeding on the yellow sands.  A wild merry happy day".   The thought is then : have we progressed for the better since 1878?    In many ways of course we have, and in many ways we have not.  Something to do with the loss of innocence perhaps?

Safe Harbour

Old love settles for a safe harbour,
a place of quiet embracing
rocked in a gentle sea.

Young love is daring, dangerous,
rich in its fulness
sticky in substance, ripe with seed.

Old love has a slower pace,
enriched with years of touch.
No need to preen and strut the hour.

The rib cage joins,
the bone becomes one bone,
the breath one breath.
Calm waters still seduce.

To all those Russian friends who have looked at my blog, many thanks.

Very best wishes,  Patricia

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