Sunday, 12 June 2016

Universal Truth


Dear Reader,

In 1946 Prince Philip, Princess Elizabeth's secret sweetheart,  proposed to her and she immediately accepted without consulting her parents, but they eventually married on 20 November 1947.  In the old days figurative words were often attached to the heart like, hard-hearted,  soft-hearted,  light-hearted and cold-hearted.  But love makes us giddy and often our hearts beat faster.  So the term "swete hert" meant a fast beating heart.  Francis Kilvert notes in his diary for 11 June 1873 that he saw in Gander Lane some of the 'Midsummer Men' plants which his mother remembered the servant maids and cottage girls sticking up in their houses and bedrooms on Midsummer Eve, for the purpose of divining about their sweethearts.

 I like to think that the Queen and Prince Philip are still sweethearts, that their hearts still beat faster for each other, even after sixty-five years of marriage, and perhaps they do.


Universal Truth

Everyone knows
that Philip Larkin wrote:

"They fuck you up,
your mum and dad,
they may not mean to
but they do".

And what Philip Larkin knew,
I know to be true.


With best wishes,  Patricia

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Anonymous said...

Just off to a village party to celebrate the Queen's birthday, so lovely to read your piece about 'sweethearts'.
I wonder if there is anyone in the world who might disagree with Larkin's universal truth? Surely there must be someone somewhere. But love the poem! xx