Saturday, 18 November 2017

Fudge and Food for Thought

Dear Reader,

                                                                             Mali the Military Dog

I am always thinking of ways to keep young, and as healthy as I can with the advancing years, and very happily now understand that keeping a dog is a very good way to do so.   Apparently dog owners are less likely to die early or suffer a fatal heart attack or stroke, a major study has found. Keeping a dog cuts your risk of an early death by a fifth, while fatal cardiovascular disease is slashed by 23 per cent. By licking you or bringing dirt into the house, a canine companion helps to provide good bacteria needed to stay healthy, scientists believe.

I loved the story this week of Mali, the military dog who is to be honoured with a PDSA Dickin Medal.  Although in fierce fighting of the Taliban Mali sustained quite horrendous injuries, he absolutely stayed by his handler's side and forged forward with him to help him carry out his duty.  It is for that gallantry he has been awarded the equivalent to the Victoria Cross.  In the spring next year I am intending to purchase a labrador to be my friend and companion, and to go on long walks together in the lovely Cotswold countryside near my house.


Fudge and Food for Thought

In the night, captive
I think of all the fudge I ate,
all the feelings of guilt I had
in my teens, my middle age, old age,
all the sdaness at my weakness
my inability to resist temptation.

Tossing uneasily in my bed
I think would I be more comely
if I had resisted,
more desirable, prettier, more amusing,
would I have had a happier life
without fudge in it?

I mean is fudge made largely
of butter, sugar, all things not allowed?
Not prescribed by those in the know,
the dreary food police who warn us
every day about something
we must not do, or eat, or say?

At dawn, I think, what the hell.
Now in my seventies, does it matter
what I ate to make me fatter?
Because now I am where I want to be
plump, happy, peaceful, and guilt free.


With very best wishes, Patricia

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful, cheerful and positive blog. I can't wait for you to get a dog! And you deserve to eat all the fudge you want! xxx