Sunday, 28 January 2018

The Date Jar (after cancer operation)

Dear Reader,

    The Battle of Bosworth

Do you remember last year in one of my blogs, I wrote about the remains of Richard III being found in a car park in Leicester?  Well, this is the latest news on that story. The car park where the remains were found have been given protected status by Historic England.  He had been hastily laid to rest after his death at the Battle of Bosworth (1485) in a medieval monastic site the remains of which now lie beneath a council car park.  The 13th century Greyfriars has been listed a scheduled monument which means it is preserved for future generations, with special consent required before any changes can be made.  The Greyfriars site dates back to the 1220s when Franciscan friars arrived in Leicester, and it was at their church where Richard was buried in 1485, after the battle which saw Henry Tudor become King of England.  After the archaeological excavation at Leicester city council's car park Richard III was buried in 2015 at Leicester Cathedral.  

I hope now that the soul of Richard rests in peace, which it surely will if only busy people would leave him alone.

The Date Jar

On the breakfast table I noticed
the date jar,
hiding a little behind the cereals,
the milk, the marmalade, the sugar bowl,
and a small jug full of early daffodils.

The date jar?

My throat constricted.
It was the thought he had had,
laying things out,
that I might like a date,
that touched the chord. 


With very best wishes, Patricia                                                                  


Rebecca said...

The thought was so kind and the poem reflects how touched you were by it. So beautiful an image...

Anonymous said...

A sweet memory to treasure. Xx