Sunday, 17 June 2018


                           The Battle of Sedgemoor           Residents laundry hanging outside of a shop
                                                                                                              in Colyton

 Dear Reader,

I so enjoyed the story this week about Claire Mountjoy from the Devon village of Colyton, the single mother who hung her washing out to dry over her front door.  But local traders instructed her not to hang her washing out to dry because it would lower the tone of the neighbourhood.  In response to this instruction hundreds of residents have taken to displaying bras, nighties, pants and other item of laundry outside their  homes as a show of solidarity with Ms. Mountjoy.  The person who sent the letter claimed that the sight of her underwear was likely to offend passing tourists. The tourists must be easily offended and I think Ms. Mountjoy deserves a medal for showing initiative and brightening her front door up with her laundry.

Colyton first appeared as an ancient village around 700 AD and features in the Domesday Book as 'Culitone'.  It was called the most 'rebellious town in Devon' due to the number of its inhabitants who joined the Monmouth Rebellion in 1685.  The Monmouth Rebellion was also known as 'The Revolt of the West' and was an attempt to overthrown James II, The Duke of York.  Monmouth forces were unable to compete with the regular army and the rebellion ended with the defeat of Monmouth's army at the Battle of Sedgemoor on 6th July, 1685.   Monmouth was executed for treason on 15th July, 1685.



You were always there
for me, as I for you.
You read to me
you laughed with me
you told me stories
of magic and imagination.

We travelled north and south
to Scotland and the Western Isles
enjoyed Dorset, Devon, Cornwall.
Went to see the Lakes
peeped into Beatrix Potter's house
felt cold in Dove Cottage where
you put my hand in your pocket.

we were one heart beat

But you have gone.
Now I have to try to live
another life
with you not there,
with someone else perhaps
someone to fill the empty gap
you left me with

Please forgive me darling.


With very best wishes, Patricia


Anonymous said...

It's a lovely story in your blog today.
And a very poignant and moving poem. I wish you so much love and luck in your life. MXX

Jessica said...

How sad and touching. I’m sure he’d forgive you.

Timotheus of Miletus (2) said...

Poignant and truthful. Your conscience seeks freedom. Do you have feelings of self-betrayal underlining the search for forgiveness? If so, I consider that they will take tome to emerge. Your thoughts are engaged with betrayal of he with whom you had such enjoyable times.

Move on, poet, and make room in your life for, as you put it, the perhaps. Let the empty gap overflow with new-found love: both given and received.

Good luck.

Timotheus of Miletus (2)

Anonymous said...

There is no need for forgiveness. You don’t love him less. It’s like having another child, your heart just gets bigger, and you need to allow yourself to enjoy this next stage in your life Tracy x