Saturday, 10 November 2018

Soldier's Meditation

Dear Reader,

As it is 11th November today, Armistice Day, and all my thoughts are for the fallen in WWI,  I always think about my father, Harold Huth, who was a soldier in that terrible war.  He served as a major with the Royal Army Service Corps and was mentioned in Dispatches on three occasions.  I have a letter written in January 1916 congratulating my grandparents, from a Colonel Harrison and his other officers, on their son's distinguished conduct and gallantry.  So today I am thinking of you, Dad, and thanking you for the part you played to give us the freedoms we now enjoy, and am sending you my love.

When you go home,
tell them of us and say:
For your tomorrow
we gave our today.


Soldier's Meditation

My cigarette time-burns,
my body trembles,
only minutes now
until the action starts.

Am I brave? No, not brave
I am shit-scared,
my body reeks.
The last drop of whisky
wets my parched lips.
I light another cigarette.

I hold this gun to hide behind.
With it, I will aim and slaughter
someone unknown, someone's son,
mother, father, daughter.

If killed, I want no part in bands playing,
or speeches glorifying my sacrifice.
I want no weeping, seen or unseen,
pitying those who were,
those who had been.

Go, action, ready, time to start.
Dear God, do leaden wings always fly
a universal soldier's heart?


With very best wishes, Patricia


Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful and heartfelt tributes I will read on this momentous day.
I am so full of admiration for your wonderful talent. With love and the warmest of wishes, MXX

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see the return of your blog - it adds so much colour to life!

Tiffany said...

Excellent Poem Mum and so intereting to hear about Grandpa xx Tiffo