Sunday, 26 May 2019

The Ragbag of a Human Heart

Dear Reader,

It was rather an exciting time for me this week because my new book had just come back from the printers.  It is rather a strange feeling seeing your work published in a book after all the hard work that goes into the completion and the editing.  If you feel  inclined to buy a copy I hope you will enjoy the poems, some of them you may have read but perhaps there are some new ones
that you have not yet seen.

You are invited to send £10 from within the UK.  For overseas purchases please send £12.50p equivalent.  These prices include postage and packaging.

The address is:            36 Ticknell Piece Road,
                                     Chipping Norton
                                     OX7 3TW

Looking forward to sending you your book by return of post.


I wrote this poem after thinking about the complex and complicated way we humans think and behave.  I find myself difficult to understand sometimes as I am sure we all do.  For all modern psychoanalysis, understanding human behaviour is a subject still in its infancy.


The Ragbag of the Human Heart

He saw the girl
young, beautiful, innocent,
inflamed her with clever words,
caught her
seduced her
smiled, walked away.

At the bus stop
he saw an old lady
waiting in the rain,
offered her a lift,
drove her back to her house,
made her a cup of tea,
hugged her,
smiled, and walked away.


With very best wishes, Patricia

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