Sunday, 15 December 2019

Buckinghamshire 1943

Dear Reader,

It was such a relief on Friday morning to discover that Boris Johnson had won a distinctive victory for the Tory party.  Not, I have to admit, being a consistent Tory voter over the years, more of a floating voter, depending on where I was living and what resources I had.

But the last three years have been so depressing and disturbing with the constant arguments, anger and vitriol.  I want whoever governs me to be a reliable, comforting body who takes rational decisions on my behalf.  And with the endless discussions about Brexit overriding everything else which should have been  discussed, such as the funding of the NHS, there has been little to feel joyful about.  I do hope, and I think he will, Boris will 'get Brexit done,' and then concentrate on the important things that have been neglected.  I, in particular, would like him to reintroduce the community centres where young boys can let off steam boxing, and play other sports. 

Well there are masses of things we can all think of that need planning and money to make things fairer for all, so good luck to all politicians whatever their preferences.

December 19th,1802

From Dorothy Wordsworth, in Westmorland

'as mild a day as I ever remember.  We all set out to walk.... There were flowers of various kinds - the topmost bell of a foxglove, geraniums, daisies, a buttercup in the water....small yellow flowers (I do not know their name) in the turf, a large bunch of strawberry blossoms.'


Buckinghamshire 1943

that winter day
I sat in the pram
strapped in

I wore a yellow coat with bone buttons
and a dark brown corduroy collar

my nanny pushed me along a pavement
covered in crisp white snow
a blue sky overhead

a blackbird sang

but during lunch of cottage pie
and sago pudding
came the fearful sound
of enemy aircraft

terrified I struggled to put on my
Mickey Mouse gas mask
with its great green eyes
and red rubber lips

after the all clear
we had a cup of tea
a piece of sponge cake.


With very best wishes, Patricia

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