Sunday, 22 December 2019

Havana Cigars

                                                                                           Candlelit dinners

Dear Reader,

I can't believe it is Christmas time again so soon.  It seems to me that I have only just put away last year's Christmas tree, decorations and cards. In fact I didn't send any cards this year as it always seems such a lot of time and effort to find addresses, stamps and do the writing. So can I say here  a very happy Christmas to you all, and may 2020 be full of good things for you.  And thank you so much for reading this blog, without your support I would be bereft.


Horace Walpole wrote from Middlesex in 1748:

'Did you ever know a more absolute country gentleman?  Here am I come down to what you call keeping Christmas! Indeed it is not in all forms; I have stuck no laurel and holly in my windows, I eat no turkey and chine, I have no tenants to invite.  I have not brought a single soul with me.  The weather is excessively stormy, but has been so warm and so entirely free from frosts the whole winter, that not only several of my honeysuckles are come out, but I have literally a blossom upon a nectarine tree, which I believe was never seen in this climate before on the 26th of December.'

1748 sounds a bit like this year.  I wonder what that says for global warming.


Havana Cigars

A man walked past me
smoking a cigar,
puffing out the smoke
with its unique aroma
of luxury and opulence.

What memories it brings.

Candlelit dinners eaten,
Cuban cigars passed round
in silver boxes,
nestling in sandalwood.
Talk was of politics, shooting, fishing,
and dubious stories
generating laughter amongst the men.

Cigars at race courses,
smoke and racehorse sweat mingling.
Cigars after lunch and coffee,
the erotic smell of tobacco leaves
awakening desires.

Cigars enjoyed by old men
remembering younger days,
cigars in large country houses
with sunlit gardens embracing
the scent of gardenias and roses.
Evening dancing with
partners smelling of claret
and Havana cigars.

A time of grandeur
of abundance,

another time.


With very best wishes, Patricia

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