Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Butler

Dear Reader,


                                                                                       The Butlers

For many years I had arthritis until I discovered the wonders of Aspall Cyder Vinegar.   Taken first thing with a spoonful of honey every morning has, I believe, saved me from the tyranny of arthritis.  But I thought you might like to know that for the ten million Britons suffering from arthritis, a fact which maybe of cold comfort, is that they may not be alive today were it not for their aching limbs.  Researchers have discovered that a gene mutation which increases the risk of arthritis, evolved during the most recent Ice Age to help protect our ancestors from frostbite.  Around half of all European people carry a variant of the gene GDF5 which nearly doubles the chance of developing painful joints and also reduces their height by approximately 1cm.   And, said Dr David Kingsley of Stanford University : "This gene variant is present in billions of people, and it's likely responsible for millions of cases of arthritis". So that piece of information will cheer up all of us who are plagued by arthritis, just to know that our ancestors weren't troubled with frostbite.


The Butler,

Mr Welfare,
was an old man
with a wise and kindly face
who wore grey striped trousers
white shirt, black tie
highly polished shoes
and over all a green beige apron
tied in the front with tape.

He worked long hours,
every day he burnished
the silver cutlery with great care,
Goddard's Plate powder mixed to a turn, dried,
shaken off with a yellow duster.

He washed and cleaned glasses, dried them
with a white linen tea towel,
made the salt cellars
and table pheasants sparkle.

But what was the purpose of all this
hard and careful work?
What were they used for these precious
pieces of silver, these glasses, these ornaments?

For parties of society people,
who didn't give them a glance.
Arrogant, drunk and vapid
they noticed nothing,
lived their lives in a trance.


With very best wishes, Patricia

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating facts and comforting indeed to know our arthritis has a purpose. I shall definitely try the Cyder cure! Poor Mr. Welfare - I'm sure he suffered arthritis too with all that scrubbing and polishing to do. Apparently and quite surprisingly the butler is alive and well in the wealthier echelons of society today and probably valued even less. Xx